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 Hair Salon Matena makes hair more beautiful.


A beautiful haircut gives you confidence. Well-cut hair shows you at your best, and that’s why you choose a hair salon that suits you. Like Hair Salon Matena. You can find us on the Vasteland in Rotterdam, right in the city centre. We cut ladies and gentlemen. We love our job, which is why we follow the latest trends, work with brands that make us happy ourselves, and you will always find the same employees at our place. Experts who know your preferences and hair best. And where you can still get honest advice. Men can walk in at any time, for women we would prefer to make an appointment: that way you’ll be sure we’ll have plenty of time for you.
See you soon at Hair Salon Matena.

Gentlemen: no appointment needed,
ladies: please call beforehand.

The assurance of Matrix

Haircare products a plenty, but at Hair Salon Matena we would rather work with products that offer just a bit more. More assurance. More quality. More feeling for trends. Matrix is that kind of brand. Think of it as our house brand, but one with an impressive cv: 250,000 fellow salons in 50 countries use it. Matrix has exactly the right products for your hairstyle, for colouring, styling, care and texturizing.