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At Hair Salon Matena, we prefer to work with products that make us feel good. Matrix is such a product. It is a haircare brand that’s used all around the world. Why have we chosen it for our salon? Because Matrix provides us with a complete range all at once, with haircare products that are attuned to each other. It’s a brand that quickly picks up on trends in all corners of the world, and because it offers good value for money, we are able to charge reasonable prices at our salon.



Wella stands for a wide range of haircare products. Did you know that the brand has been around for more than 130 years already? Not only for professional salons, but the products are also well-known among consumers. At Hair Salon Matena, we sell hairspray, hair gel and mattifying hair cream by Wella, among other things.

Shaving products

Shaving the traditional way has made a comeback. At Hair Salon Matena, trend-conscious men can choose from a complete range to take up the blade like a professional at home. Naturally, we haven’t selected just any brands. Get to know them in advance!


Mühle is a German manufacturer of shaving brushes and razor blades. So: German top quality in a modern design, because shaving is (back) in style. Take the brushes for example; they are made from badger hair which feels just a bit nicer on the skin. Moreover, Mühle products are made to last. In addition to an extensive shaving and skincare range for men, Mühle also offers several accessories.


Prefer to be under the blade Italian style? Hair Salon Matena also works with shaving brushes by Omega, a well-known Italian manufacturer. They are haircare products with an unmistakable Italian flair, and they haven’t lost sight of user comfort. The use of badger and hog hair makes the brushes feel nice on the skin.


Taylor of Old Bond Street
Shaving cream and lotions? If given the choice, we would prefer those by Taylor of Old Bond Street. That name doesn’t only sound classic, the English brand actually is (1854). The products contain pure and natural plant-based ingredients. The range consists of deodorant, pre-shave oil, shampoo and several scented shaving creams and after-shave balms.